TOPKAPI’s WEBSERV module makes data from one or several TOPKAPI Vision’s application programs available on internet, intranet or a simple telephone line :

> Mimics and graph trends
> Real time data
> Alarms and log files
> Reports and summaries

Data are available from a standard web browser (see DETAILED CHARACTERISTICS) and do not require the installation of any specific software (plugin, ...) on the displaying computer.Implementing well before they were popularized the principles and technology Web 2.0, Webserv ensures optimal performances for animations update.

WEBSERV makes the access to all supervision data easier thanks to its pre-configured Active-X components using minimum configuration and with no line code writing required.

The TOPKAPI application can be accessed from web browsers without the need for a specific design (1).

Beyond the ready to use website created by WEBSERV, basic functions give a complete access to process data; they provide a flexibility of use and the possibility for the user to carry out custom developments that perfectly meets his requirements.

As a gateway between the process equipment and the external network, WEBSERV provides the critical functions you need to ensure the safety of the process.


WEBSERV enables the display of graphic screens of TOPKAPI (mimics and graph trends) without any development or customization (1). Pictures and animated items are displayed at the same size as on the TOPKAPI server station. Pages may be automatically refreshed by enabling a PUSH mode. Access to remote controls (if not disabled) are submitted to connection rights and to individual control rights.

When modifying the supervision application, no change is required on the Webserv application: changes will be directly available when displaying the web pages.


Provides direct access to database real time data and does not require programming. The ‘data sheet’ Active-X component globally provides data as shown on the supervision program. This display and control mode is especially useful for low bandwidth communication media, when displaying graphic pictures is slow (Smartphones, ...). Only specified sheets are available and passwords are used in order to restrict access to data.

In case of modification on the supervision application, there is no need to modify the WEBSERV application. Modifications will be automatically taken into account when viewing pages.

Accesses to remote controls are submitted to display rights together with personal remote control rights. 



As well as for real time data, access to alarm and log files views relies on an Active-X component displaying data as they appear on the supervision computer; configuration modifications of the TOPKAPI’s application are automatically taken into account without modifying the WEBSERV application.

Defaults acknowledgement is made by a simple click on a view line; acknowledgements can generally be invalidated or submitted to display rights together with personal control rights.



Access to TOPKAPI summaries through a pre-designed operator interface, with no programming required.

Access to reports, summaries and any files by simple hypertext links.

WEBSERV includes examples which help you in the creation of your own data access application programs.



Network connection

Global system parameters for restrictions to network access together with the distant access parameters set on the server enable to define the computers which are authorized to connect to the network.


WEBSERV acts as a firewall between TOPKAPI Vision’s application and the external world. Controls which can be carried out via WEBSERV on TOPKAPI Vision’s applications are strictly limited to what was specified in WEBSERV. On the other hand, TOPKAPI Vision’s application directory access is not shared for remote users: data are only available via the proprietary channel between TOPKAPI and WEBSERV (FTP system channel port closed).

This channel handles the whole of data exchange, including files access.

Avoiding to use System Channels (such as disk sharing or FTP server) - that are a premium target for hacking attempts - provides a perfectly secured protection against intrusions.

Restricted access

A simple configuration of users access rights protects each page access (mimics, trends, alarms, logs, real time data, summaries, etc.) The user has to identify himself on the homepage and will only have access to the authorized pages.

TopKapi vision

To improve security, access to controls (remote control, set point value, acknowledgement, etc.) can be totally de-activated. If not, controls will be submitted to TOPKAPI access rights mentioned above (user name and password).

architecture Examples 


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WEBSERV can be installed on a computer equipped with a TOPKAPI Vision license or on an independent computer. WEBSERV is the data server for one or several TOPKAPI Vision applications, local application or applications on computers connected by a TCP-IP network.

WEBSERV is not copy protected, the access rights are provided by the TOPKAPI server stations which must have the web services enabled.

Web clients

A HTML 4.01 compatible web browser is required on the client stations (2).

Mobile devices like PDAs or Smartphones can be used; they can use the graphic and text mode displays ; the text mode is recommended in case of low bandwidth.


Technical requirements: 

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(1) Within the limitations imposed by the destination interface, leading to some restrictions on the color rendering, the windowing, etc. In order to get a proper display when developing an application intended to be viewed on the web, it is imperative to regularly check the final result on the web while developing.

(2) More details available at www.w3.org.