TS Client module

Microsoft’s Terminal Server technology enables running an application used remotely on a Central server.


The remote station receives the screen images generated by the central server, and returns its keyboard-mouse commands.


A terminal server version of TOPKAPI Vision, based on this principle and named TOPKAPI TS, is proposed in the form of an optional extension to server stations. As with the Open Client offer, it enables using client stations without paying a license for each station.

Although less effective than Open Client, TOPKAPI TS is easier to install on client stations (basic activation of the Windows TS service, no local copy of the application) and enabling remote maintenance (ability to change the TOPKAPI configuration remotely).

The distant operator has access to a GUI that gives complete operational access to the Supervision.

The presence of the "TS Server" option is required on the central TOPKAPI server.

In TOPKAPI TS, which is a tool dedicated to multiple connections, the working sessions are limited to 4 hours. For a permanent and uninterrupted use, hardkey equipped distant TOPKAPI Client machines are required.


Operating System

  • For a real multi-user management, the central TOPKAPI Server machine must run on Windows 2012 Server, Windows 2008 Server or Windows 2003 Server.
  • Under Windows XP, the "remote desktop connection" can be used, disabling all actions on the Central machine.