Remote time-stamp management module

This module enables integrating to supervision logs some event-based information and periodical samples (curves) which were dated by local equipment (Remote Terminal Units-RTUs, Programmable Logic Controllers-PLCs, Dataloggers, etc...)


A SCADA Software usually communicates with equipment connected permanently, and dates events using the PC time.

For equipment not connected constantly, e.g. through the switched telephone network (PSTN) or the cellular phone network, the data arrive differed, and must be dated locally.

The role of the Time-stamped data module is to take into account the date and time sent by the remote system for updating files archived by TOPKAPI: logs and curves. The data is then used as if it was acquired in real time.

TOPKAPI can dialog with equipment through a direct link or vendor front ends or units. In remote links through a wired or cellular phone network, the Time-stamped data module must be associated with the modem management library (see associated sheet)



  • Online, the values displayed are refreshed constantly.
  • Offline, the values displayed are the last received over the previous connection.


  • The values archived with a time and date use the date and time sent by the remote station; reception time is added to the logs.
  • The date are resorted in the chronological sequence.


  • Real time animations/controls during connection.
  • CURVES sampled locally.
  • Logs include RTU's date/time of events and reception date/time.
  • CONNECTION: manual and automatic connection controls.



  • Built-in management: to be set as a real-time application, without specific implementation.
  • Autosetting wizard: when the vendor provides the station configuration data, TOPKAPI can, according to the contents of informatin suplied, fully configure its own database. The time required for learning, implementing and testing are hence considerably reduced.
  • Connection wizard: management of modems and connections is fully integrated to TOPKAPI. Implementation is performed very ea sily using the SOFTLINK wizard (see Modem Library Sheet )


  • Possibility to have on the same TOPKAPI supervision system units ot he "Real time" and remote acquisition units.
  • Available protocols : in addition to the current "real time" protocols, TOPKAPI supports over 50 protocols implemented specifically by vendors to transmit time-stamped data, among which Jbus-Sofbus (Sofrel), Jbus (Perax), TRSII (Aquaveil-Degremont, Wit), Siemens-Landis and Staefa, Sauter, Johnson Controls, Ewon (ACT'L), Flygt (Mactec), Radcom, Tbox (SEMAPHORE-Technotrade), Napac, ETIC, Technolog, CR2M, etc... (you can consult the available protocols list for Topkapi  or call us for more details).
  • Hardware: Connection directly by modem or through front end units according to the equipment.