Timetable and hourly programs

How to prepare for up to one year, with a few mouse clicks, the time schedule of any control. (This feature is a standard feature, part of all TOPKAPI Vision packages).

Periods and operating modes

Define, for your installation, periods corresponding to the different operating modes and the parameters related to them. You will modify them later on according to your needs.

Here, temperature set point values and lighting in a building. 


Program AT once all the periodic actions



Define different types of days matching the operation of your installation: 

Friday is not a working day just like any other day as work ends earlier.


Program day types



Define for each type of days slots in the timetable corresponding to the different operating modes.

The whole year schedule can be set in this window (except for special dispensations).



Particularities of operation


Define on the timetable up to one year in advance the type assigned to each day (periodic days are automatically assigned in the timetable).

In this example, November 25, 26 and 27 are defined as peak days. Without waiting for pre-peak signal of your electricity supplier, it will be possible to anticipate the load-shedding.

November 11 is defined as a holiday.
November 10 and 12 are redefined as a Friday and a Monday (days preceding and following a holiday).
November 20 is displayed in reverse video mode to indicate it is under a special dispensation to the timetable.

Visualize planning and dispensation



Visualize your planning and refine it with the help of special dispensations.

The different colors correspond to periods and different operating modes defined in the first stage.




  • From 1 up to 10 types of days. Periodic days of the week automatically assigned, assignment of other days by manual selection in the timetable.
  • From 1 up to 10 periods corresponding to the different operating modes
  • Analogue (instructions) or logical (Yes/No, Run/Stop, Rate 0/ Rate 1/2/…/ Rate 255, etc.) with labels freely configurable
  • Assignment of an operating mode for typical day (global programming) or directly for a specific day in the timetable (dispensations), by choosing a period and then by selecting with the mouse the time slot.
  • Programming up to one year in advance, the previous three months being also saved, not only for the saved values but to graphically visualize the progress of programs.
  • Possibility to force individually set point values in the course of a program or on the contrary forbid such modifications.

A FEW Example OF Applications

The SCHEDULER will allow you not only to implement optimized and cost effective solutions but also, in certain cases, to avoid installing electric clocks (to be set individually) or a sophisticate programming in a PLC.

  • Power management
  • Anticipation of rush periods. Load-shedding
  • Lighting programs, heating and air conditioning
  • Entry control, intrusion, openings management (shutter,…)
  • Process planning
  • Operators shifts
  • Industrial furnace
  • Pumping programs
  • Sludge treatments for waste water plants
  • Lifts
  • Defrost programs of cold rooms
  • Automatic watering
  • Tank temperature (for instance for wine growing)