This program uses data stored by TOPKAPI in historical files to summarize values such as running time, accumulated time or number of faults, and stores the results in EXCEL, HTML or ANSI files.



This module is an application external to TOPKAPI, which uses the data stored in log and graph sampling files for the off-line generation of summary reports which may contain:


  • running time and fault time counting with percentages and average times.
  • event counting (e.g. number of starts, faults...).
  • analog measurement processing (average, min., max., standard deviation).
  • index processing (raw value, consumption).


The processing is performed over a combinaison of basic period (week/year or day/month/year).


Finally, this module lets you accumulate the values of different variables over a given period...





Accumulated time, (Stop, run, faults), percentage time, mean time. 0 to 1 and 1 to 0 transition counters, fault counters. Mean time between two faults.



Mean, minimum, maximum, standard deviation, integral value, time or number of events in/out a given interval (quality control).



Index gross value (at end of period), end - beginning difference (consumption).


  • The available periods for summarizing are: hour, day, week, month and year; the starting point of the periods is free (e.g. a month may begin on the fifth day at 9:35 a.m).
  • Periodic refreshment of summaries is freely performed through TOPKAPI parameterizing: event, or free period.






From reports generated for a basic period (e.g. day), it is possible to generate automatically the same reports for nested periods (e.g. month, year).

The "in depth" function allows calculation for one value of the successive reports, for instance mean water consumption over each Sunday of the year.





The results can be displayed in a standard web browser (html, txt, xls, EXCEL or EXCEL viewer required in the lastest case for OLE display).

Data can also be displayed in the TOPKAPI vision application (graph trends, current value). 







Those reports will be available for consultation from a mere internet browser.

Furthermore all those consolidate data can be used to generate new historical trend in TOPKAPI vision.