This module allows the management of files of data which have to be exchanged with the PLCs. A recipe file includes a large amount of records (recipe) in which some fields (parameters of the recipe) willbe downoaded to the PLC.

The data will be entered, modified and displayed through preset or customized dialogs.

Secured procedures are used to write data blocks to the controllers, in order to ensure data consistency.



The selection of a graphic object within mimic display, or of a cell within the spreadsheet will open the dialog box, from which it is possible to : 

  • Select the recipe, the data of which will be displayed on the screen and/or downloaded to the PLC (through a remote command function
  • Modify, add or delete recipes
  • Search records including a definite field


The data files are ASCII files with a constant length for records and fields: it is thus possible to use programs external to TOPKAPI such as spreadsheet, database manager, text editor, etc. for the file generation or updating.



  • Easy setup of variables, fields, size, required values, data entry form; no scripts required.
  • Data types: Text, Integer, LongInt, Float, DCB, Hex, Sub-recipe.
  • Sub-recipe: enables to invoke a distinct set of parameters inside a recipe. Especially useful for the preparation of manufacturing ranges.



  • Up to 65,000 recipe models per TopKapi application
  • Up to 1,000 fields for each recipe (+ sub-recipes)
  • Fields size not limited
  • Access rights: read only (display) or read/write (data entry)