Netview Client

NETVIEW is the fat client* part of the TOPKAPI SCADA software. From a station that does not execute any particular treatment, it allows to access the TOPKAPI vision applications and to execute control operations the same way as from the main station, locally or remotely.

 *Requires installing a specific component on the access device

The TOPKAPI client station NETVIEW allows to operate the monitored system as if the operator was in front of the server station (acquisition and processing unit): all the data are reachable (subject to access rights) and the mimics, alarm views, historics and controls are displayed in a strictly identical way.

Data are unique, always provided by the server; adding a new client workstation is very easy and requires a few parameterizing steps: station identifies with name, address, access rights. No modification is required on the server, nor manage copy of application parts from the server to the client station. Static information are copied from the server to the client when needed, and then, only variable information are passed from the server to the station.

Therefore, exchanges are optimized and the update of a mimic screen on a fat client station is less than 0.5 seconds: the operational comfort remains excellent with low bandwidth links.

Hence, the standby operators can each have direct and full access to supervision from their home or a laptop PC, production supervisors can interrogate freely the process status, etc., without a dedicated software license.

Connection between the server and the client is done using a TCP-IP link on an Internet/Intranet/Extranet support, RAS connection by modem, etc.

Thanks to the mechanisms described above, TOPKAPI can guarantee, for example, the display and refreshment of a mimic screen in less than 1 second for a PSTN or GSM modem link. The use of TOPKAPI will thus have, most of the time, a negligible impact on the occupation of the network load in terms of bandwidth.



  • Identical to those in the server station (without the acquisition part).
  • User rights inherited from the basic application (by operator authentication)
  • Possibility to synchronize files that are not part of the application, such as balance results, reports etc., between the server and the client.



All stations with permanent human presence or occasional consultation :

  • Full access to the application without restriction
  • Optimized to operate even on low bandwidth networks
  • Log data retrieval and transfer


  • Installation in general on a single workstation for permanent operation.
  • Easy to install and configure.
  • Access : any local or remote TCP-IP connection.
    • LAN
    • RAS remote access via modem.
    • Remote access by entry point on the network: Internet / Intranet / Extranet.
    • The server must have a fixed address.
  • A client station can access several local or remote TOPKAPI servers concurrently.
  • When the Netview client addresses redundant servers, switching from one server to another is automatic and user-transparent.
  • Hardware and environment : please consult Hardware and Environment specifications page


  • The Netview client workstation is a standalone license just like the Topkapi server licenses. A unique license number is given. 
  • It is supplied with an installation DVD and a physical protection key (USB dongle). Installation is possible on as many machines as required, but it is necessary to connect the protection key to the desired consultation workstation to make it work.
  • From version 6.0 of Topkapi, the license protection can be dematerialized (this allows you to get rid of the USB dongle). Protection by soft key requires the Topkapi license to be connected via the Internet with an authentication server hosted by AREAL for periodical activation check.