Security related with the exchange of information between components is one of the first stakes of the Smart World. 
Over many years, AREAL has been highly involved and concerned by Cybersecurity :

  • Participation in the workgroup directed by ANSSI* since 2014
  • Version 6.0 integrates the recommendations of this workgroup
  • Security aware software development process
  • Permanent technological watch for the application of security patches when necessary

This concretely translates into the following TOPKAPI version 6.0 : 

  • Web client /server connections certified and encrypted when using the Webserv2 module
  • Secured user account checking
  • Use of secured communications using TLS (formerly SSL), including checking the identity of clients and servers by certificates for exchanging data with third party solutions/hardware
  • Authenticity and integrity of the TOPKAPI software components upon their installation and update
  • Integrity and confidentiality of the configuration via the user account management policy
  • Advanced and fine management of user categories and roles
  • Full traceability of operator actions in operation

An architecture based on the new Webserv2 component (HTML5 web server) for consultation, particularly from the ‘outside’ meets current and future stakes in terms of Cybersecurity, while not complexifying the client/server communication architectures. 

For more detail on TOPKAPI and cybersecurity, you may ask for the white book ‘Military programming law & Cybersecurity’ by AREAL.