PC type computer, standard configuration for Microsoft Windows®.

Detailed information on hardware: Click here.


Several hundreds protocols available over Ethernet, TCP-IP, RS232-422-485 serial links, modem with standard or specialised hardware, communication drivers specific to TOPKAPI, or OPC, DLL, DDE, etc.


  • Development tools not copy protected. Therefore, they can be installed on both the development site and operating site without additional license.
  • Dynamic link with controllers’ development / configuration software through the SOFTLINK wizard.
  • Limited versions from a few dozen to unlimited number of variables (several hundreds of thousands).
  • Ascending compatibility with all previous versions.
  • Ability to develop communication drivers
  • Dynamic language selection.



 Control Rooms
 Process and manufacturing:
heavy and fine chemistry, manufacturing, storage, conveying, handling, palettisation
handling, storage, process, records, cold chain
 Water and sewerage:
drinkable water production, treatment stations, pumping stations, telemetry, remote supervision
 Infrastructure - Transport:
river navigation, train, subway, airports, luggage handling, air and sea navigation beacons, highways, remote management, lighting, lifting
Production: thermal plants, nuclear, hydroelectric, windmills, transport,
co-generation control, networks.
Consumption: monitoring, analysis, summaries, load shedding
technical management, Hvac, fire, intrusion and access control, water, lifts
Energy, lighting
Home automation, parking lots. Remote management
 Local authorities, hospitals, hotels:
building, boiler rooms, public lighting, water and sewerage, waste
quality control of water and air, hydrology, meteorology, data collection