EMC Pack


Based on analysis and reporting tools provided by TOPKAPI, the proposed EMC Pack solutions (Energy Monitoring and Control) provide real time synthesis indicators from raw data collected from field equipments to gauge and monitor energy efficiency. Automatic generation of pre-configured and pre-formatted operating reports simplifies the diagnosis and monitoring.


Reducing energy costs in the industry and building management has become a major environmental and economic issue. Companies can assess the extent of their energy consumption by reviewing their energy bills; however, it is much more difficult for them to identify exactly how and where their energy is being used.

Currently, there are instrumentation solutions related to the measurement and metering of energy used to collect data from facilities. However, they produce large data tables which are cumbersome to analyze and are insufficient as a practical measure of energy consumption. With its EMC pack (Energy Monitoring and Control) based on the SCADA software TOPKAPI, AREAL offers predefined graphical objects to have a direct and synthetic "visual" reading of energy consumption.

By simply instantiating an energy counter, consumption levels, displayed as bar graphs, are directly presented as raw values, weighted by produced unit (quantities in the industry, square meters in the buildings) and corrected according to the season (HDD & CDD).

The comparison from one period to another is immediate; the graph of monthly consumptions, for example, shows directly in the background, a consumption of previous years or months.

The results are recorded as they are computed, making them available permanently and instantly without waiting for their preparation to each new request.

Automatic generation of energy reports can also ensure that the contract for the supply of electric power fits best with the consumption levels, taking into account the hourly consumption and the periods where the requested power exceeds the subscribed power.

For workshop and office buildings, calculation of the ratio kWh / m² / Day Degree for heating and cooling, true reference of energy performance, will provide the ability to compare buildings, to measure the effectiveness of actions taken, and to verify in case of investments that the results are in line with forecasts. The set of pre-programmed and ready to use software components eases fast and inexpensive deployment, and makes energy management intelligence available to everyone.

Click here to download the animated presentation of the EMC Pack (in French): .PPT .PPS