Newsletter N°24 - November 2016



  • New version 6.0
  • TOPKAPI: 1st HTML5 scada software
  • Version 6.0 in detail
    • New log data storage mode
    • License protection
    • Stand-by service
    • Reports
    • Security
    • Other evolutions
    • Offer evolutions



October 8 - 9, 2016
Paris - Porte de Versailles (FRANCE)
Hall 2.2 E14 Booth

November 29 > December 2, 2016
Lyon Eurexpo (FRANCE)
Hall 5 Booth 184

December 6 > 9, 2016
Paris Nord Villepinte (FRANCE)
Hall 7 Booth H36

Carrefour des Gestions Locales de l'Eau
January 25 - 26, 2017
Parc Expo Rennes (FRANCE) 
Hall 5 Booth 76




Topkapi Version 6.0 will make its debut during the year end trade fairs (see calendar above) and readily available for first applications in France. In first deployments, we recommend implementing it within new projects rather than updating existing applications : contact your usual sales dealer to help you in your choices.

The primary innovation in this version is the integration of the new Webserv2 component, turning Topkapi into the first full HTML5 supervisor in the market. Resulting from a long development process and major investment in R&D, this new HTML5 display engine leverages the latest Web technologies to make your Topkapi applications accessible using a compatible Web browser.

Security, smooth browsing, portability and enhanced functionality (vs Webserv1) were our primary goals. For the other evolutions of version 6.0 (and there are quite a few), read on this new bulletin.


For higher performance, modern supervision tools must provide easy access to control/command from any general-purpose terminal, without prior installation or maintenance constraints. In the early 2000s, AREAL proposed its first version of the Webserv module, offering access to the Topkapi application using a standard Web browser. It was really successful, but considering the limits and osbolescence of the first technologies used, we decided to develop a new display engine based on the latest progress of HTML5 to meet user expectations in term of thin clients:

  • No software installation is required on the viewing hardware
  • Zero maintenance on the client station
  • Ergonomic interface and quick access
  • Suited to touch-screen devices
  • Functionnal addtions (Graphs, alarm views, etc.) vs Webserv1
  • Built-in security
  • Simple deployment

While most SCADA software publishers followed an easier path, using third-party software merely to encapsulate remote display of fat client stations through HTML5 (RDP technology), AREAL chose specific redevelopement from scratch to offer a rich, secured and upgradeable solution. Clients with contractual annual updates and the first generation Web server option will benefit from this new technology free of charge, with minimum adaptation to their application. AREAL shall maintain support of the Webserv1 technology for 3 years minimum to ensure smooth upgrading of the systems, while ensuring maximum compatibility with current browsers, but without however proposing functional evolutions.

For more details on the Webserv2 module, and particularly the implementation conditions, please refer to our web site at or ask your usual contact for the Technical Sheet.


The following description presents the main developments linked with version 6.0. For more details, please refer to the V6 developments technical sheet accessible at (user account required) or call your usual commercial contact.

New log data storage mode

This new version allows using a database engine (PostgreSQL) to store event logs, in all versions, TG, Basic, or Classic. This mode is optional, and Topkapi may be run with its traditional .HIS files only. This mode is required though for:

  • Access to alarm views with Webserv2
  • Taking advantage of DBMS alarm views with sorting functions and possible customization by JavaScript language.

No specific DBMS skills are required:

  • The database engine is installed and managed by Topkapi
  • Maintenance and Diagnostic tools are supplied for simple and optimum use

License protection

Two types of software protection are available:

  • Usual USB dongle protection
  • A new protection by soft key

Protection by soft key requires the Topkapi license to be connected via the Internet with an authentication server hosted by AREAL for periodical activation check (if not possible with your achitecture, you shall use a dongle). This ensures more comfortable deployment in virtualized environments.

Remote Alarm Notification

Version 6.0 proposes a new Text-To-Speech stand-by service engine based on a Windows API not requiring the costly Speech Unit modem, by using a basic PSTN modem. For the recomendation of the latter, go to

Other major evolutions:

  • Notification/call upon disappearance of an alarm
  • Alarm notification without waiting for an acknowledgment and while carrying on the cycle
  • Each alarm has its own stand-by service cycle


Main evolutions related with the Reports module:

  • Operation with data stored in DBMS (Topkapi DB version)
  • Report email sending engine integrated with the configurator
  • Reports generated in PDF format
  • New calculation periods: 5mn, 10mn, 15mn, 20mn, 30mn, 2h, 4h, 6h, 8h, 12h
  • Integration of instant data to the report
  • New calculation functions


AREAL strives permanently to provide systems which are secured while preserving easy access to the information. We participate actively in the workgroup on security of SCADA systems headed by ANSSI*. Current and future developments consider ANSSI recommendations, which in version 6.0 translate concretely by:

  • Signature and authentication of Areal runtimes and programs by certificate
  • Protection against modification of these runtimes by third parties
  • Secured connection between Web client stations and the Webserv2 module (https)
  • Secured connection between the Webserv2 module and Topkapi (WCF, TLS)
  • Secured user account checking
  • Client station connection traceability
  • Reinforced operator action traceability

*Agence Nationale de la Sécurité des Systèmes d'Information, a governmental body reporting to the Ministry of Defence (

Other evolutions

  • Numerous ergonomic evolutions improving legibility and simplifying parameter setting.
  • Support of email sending to secured SMTP servers.
  • New visibility animation (mimic object)
  • Script global to the application

Offer evolutions

  • Text-To-Speech alarm notification is now proposed in the Topkapi TG and Basic ranges.
  • The pricing of the Web server option has been reviewed with the arrival of Webserv2. Please consult us for new applications with Topkapi V6.0.
  • The Open Client option is now proposed in unlimited operator session version, in addition to the version limited to 4 hours.



We wish to thank all TOPKAPI users for their trust, as well as those having contributed to the production of these articles.


ERENA, the urban heating network of Nantes Métropole


ENERIA, virtualization and high availability