TOPKAPI EMS (Emission Monitoring Software)

Thanks to its expertise in industrial supervision with its Topkapi SCADA offer, the TOPKAPI EMS solution edited by AREAL brings its power and flexibility in the most demanding environments. Designed by supervision and data processing experts, TOPKAPI EMS has been performing for more than 20 years the monitoring and control of gases emissions in many combustion plants, and complies with most of the international regulatory standards.


  • Combustion & power plants, gas turbines, cogeneration facilities
  • Incinerators of household refuse, industrial and hospital waste
  • Cement factories
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Chemical and petrochemical industries
  • Industrial boilers



  • The application features:
    • A real time monitoring system (acquisition, data logging, alarms management, HMI with graphical display
    • A report generator


The report generator performs data aggregation of the real time data acquired by the system, and handles customized report templates where selected data are displayed.

The reporting process proceeds in 5 steps:

  1. Raw data acquisition, real time adjustment of values (calculation with moisture and oxygen correlation, flow and dust correlation with pressure and temperature, out of scales/limits measures management, QAL2 procedure, calibration, measures validity rate)
  2. Half-hourly and 10 mn means calculation, with samples every 30s. The daily means are updated after each calculation cycle
  3. Forecast of the day results to gauge the process efficiency
  4. Charts layout of means, sums, overflows and unavailability with real time update. This layout provides a graphic global view which improves the process monitoring.
  5. Daily automatic generation of reports, after calculation and storage of all daily values. Excel, pdf, html and CSV format are available.



  • Data entry forms are provided, where the project specific parameters shall be entered.
  • The final application is automatically generated accordingly to a template. This template can be easily customized.
  • a list of I/O points is generated for automation on-site tests
  • Regulation compliant report templates are provided. They can easily be customized or modified to meet the regulation changes.
  • The application template is extensive; its revision to meet the LCP requirements will be easy
  • Reports preview mode
  • User friendly interface for on-site final parameters adjustement (monitoring software in runtime mode, with access rights control)