" AREAL provides training courses in its Savigny le Temple offices near Paris (France),
or at its customers' premises. "




Our training courses aim at giving you a global knowledge of our TOPKAPI SCADA software: what you can do with it, and how to do it. Thus, you will make significant time savings in the design of your applications, and get the maximum benefits for the whole applications lifetime in regards with operation and maintenance.

Methods :

Our teachers are eager to share their knowledge, and true experts of the systems and software they teach. They will take into account your skills and expectations to adapt the pace of the training to all the attendees. General and academic sessions will alternate with practical exercises.

Training sessions typically aim at providing a global know-how for the complete design of applications, or simply a good mastering of the product at operation with the basics required to make limited changes to the configuration parameters.

Classrooms :

AREAL welcomes you in classrooms designed to receive small groups up to 6 attendees. Each person has a workstation on which it installs itself the Topkapi software. Additional hardware can be used as required: PLCs, RTUs, dataloggers, modems, network clients or servers, etc.

Handbook :

Each attendee receives a training handbook. Priviledged personal access to the teacher is granted for subsequent support.

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