Remote Control

Remote supervision is a really specific domain of SCADA applications. Data are mainly acquired via non-permanent links, i.e. telephone network (landlines/PSTN or cellular/GSM-GPRS). This implies the ability to initiate periodical communication sessions (via modem in particular), and to download historical data which have been time-stamped by the remote units (possibly PLCs, but more specifically RTUs or Dataloggers).

AREAL developed its know-how in this field from the very beginning of the design of Topkapi: acquiring time-stamped data is really seamless for the user, exactly as if the data had been acquired in real time, and without specific visible processing of the historical data. Topkapi is supplied with all the tools required to manage PSTN or GSM modem communications, GPRS, ADSL and to dialogue with specialized units like Sofrel, Perax, Primayer, Radcom, Hydreka, ABB, etc. The use of direct drivers either proprietary or standard (IEC 60870-5, DNP3) allows a seamless processing of time stamped data.

Auto-setting of the application is fast and easy with the assistance of a wizard called SOFTLINK, which imports the configuration data of the units, stored in the manufacturer configuration files.