A subsidiary of Electricité de Tahiti, ELECTRA ensures electricity production using generator sets for the atolls in French Polynesia.


La grande dispersion géographique des sites a conduit Electra à centraliser la surveillance à Papeete, les interventions de premier niveau restant dévolues à des agents sur place.

The widespread geographical dispersion of the sites led Electra to centralize monitoring in Papeete, first level interventions being performed by local staff.

The supervisor calls each Perax remote management station once per day to download the operating data. However, should a problem arise, the stations call the supervisor.

Using collected data, power reports are produced: average power, minimum and maximum power per period, but also duration of the various power ranges called. This enables the production of load monotones, which are then used to assess the validity of the generator sets' nominal power against electricity consumption, and determine the investment requirements.

Start-up should be soon ensured by an Electra technician who has attended four days of training in France.