Monitoring and control of fire detection systems is a domain where the SCADA software TOPKAPI has proven its ability to adapt to end user needs.

TOPKAPI provides an open solution to connect systems from multiple manufacturers such as DEF, Siemens Cerberus, FARE, ASD, etc.

TOPKAPI's well known versatility makes it particularly well suited to control automated fire security systems: Fire Detection System Units (FDSU) and Fire Safety Controller Units (FSCU).

TOPKAPI incorporates wizards especially developed for the fire detection applications, and retrieves configuration information from the equipment databases and from AUTOCAD drawings. The TOPKAPI library includes preset objects: FD (Fire detection point) and SAD (Safety Active Device). Please contact us for more details: click here.

Achievements : Airbus, ASD (Alphafirst), Astra Zeneca, CEA, CHONGQING Continent Hotel, Cities (Lille, Strasbourg,...), DAPENG Customs, Davey Bickford, DEF (Visiodef), Hospitals (Auxerre, Bordeaux, Chaumont, Epernay, Evreux, Pitié Salpetriere, Rambouillet, Troyes), Hotel Meridien, Hotel Sofitel, HUNAN LIANYUAN Steel Factory, REAUMUR (Offices), Pont du Gard Museum, Papeterie de Golberg, Police Nationale, Seita, Siemens Cerberus, TSINGHUA University Sport Center, UNESCO, WANSHUOLU Business CenterXIANGHE Football Training centerYUANSHUN Building.