GAUMONT and EDF: air conditioning and energy management

In this application implemented by Thereco, TOPKAPI monitors and records the data from 18 air/air heat pumps heating and air conditioning a complex comprising 16 cinema theatres, with a total 3700 seats, in Valenciennes.


The graphic interface informs the non computer-skilled operating staff of any anomaly, and enables easy modification of the temperature set-point values and the operating modes, to monitor the temperature changes thanks to trend curves, the comfort of the cinema lovers being vital in the theatres.

From the main energy meters, TOPKAPI creates for each zone a counting function according to pricing periods (low hours, normal hours, peak hours).

In addition to the user interface, TOPKAPI ensures full management of the energy: with an electrical subscribed power of 800 kW, the optimisation process enables the supervision system to be early paid off and enhances the benefits of using electrical power.



The integration of 10mn energy counting enables to monitor and anticipate excess consumption in respect of the power subscribed.

As the sole information holder, the supervisor calculates the cut-off needs and distributes them according to operating criteria; for example, it stops the heating in the theatres where the ambient temperature is the closest to the reference point.



The energy consumptions are reported daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. The summaries produced are stored in the form of text files which can be used by external applications for analysis whenever required.

EDF participated in the financing of the Valenciennes operation, notably for the implementation of the counting systems in the various zones, in order to characterise and model the operation of the heat pumps in this environment, and better qualify the use of electrical power.

Finally, this application illustrates perfectly the match of TOPKAPI with the control of technical equipment in the building sector, while its calculation capacity ensures the closest possible monitoring of energy consumption, resulting in substantial savings.