control center in Santiago

Drinkable Water & Sewage:

  • More than 6 Million users
  • 15,000 miles network
  • 600 PLCs/RTUs
  • 40,000 control points
  • 80 control stations
  • More details... 

Since these elements were written in 2011, the collaboration between Aguas Andinas and Areal has continued. The control-command infrastructure today consists of:

  • 17 fixed heavy clients (Netview)
  • More than 40 simultaneous floating heavy clients (Open Client)
  • Several hundred Web clients with Intranet or Extranet access

TOPKAPI now equips the Quebrada de Ramon and Arrayan plants.

All licenses are under an annual maintenance contract: Aguas Andinas benefits from an optimal service from AREAL both in terms of technical support and the supply of functional enhancements via the new versions of TOPKAPI.