Current flows between EDF and TOPKAPI Vision …

ENERGIE LANGUEDOC ROUSSILLON, a regional branch of EDF PRODUCTION TRANSPORT, have entrusted the management of 3 major dams and 13 hydraulic plants to the G.E.H. AXAT. The Groupement d'Exploitation Hydraulique AXAT manages all the EDF facilities in the Aude, Têt, Tech valleys and their affluents. Their headquarters are located in Quillan, and they intervene in 3 "départements": Aude, Pyrénées Orientales and part of Ariège.

Beyond energy production, the G.E.H. AXAT takes into account all the aspects related with the use of water, for example regulating rivers for irrigation and organizing activities centered around water.

A new internal organization has led the GEH AXAT to study a global solution for centralized management, and their choice was TOPKAPI Vision.

The latter ensures full operation (information acquisition and processing) linked with Witnets on classical telephone lines. By default, the "SCHEDULER" integrated to TOPKAPI Vision enables filtering the alarms: differed during open hours, urgent permanently. During the day, the alarms are managed on the central station or in the remote client station, which enables managing the application identically as with the central station, with the same possibilities. To route this information, TOPKAPI Vision is linked with the StadH, an EDF certified standby facility which warns the agents. After acknowledgement, these agents connect on the central station to run a diagnostics. 

According to William GENTIL, who implemented the application, the choice was TOPKAPI Vision because of its easy setting and match with the needs. In addition, TOPKAPI Vision enables operation and analysis, the implementation of device (information on the number of triggers of the unit circuit breakers, end of month energy calculations,…). As system deployment was completed only recently, the few operators to be trained are still in the system appropriation stage. This appropriation is globally easy, even more so as a mini training session is performed internally, helped by the user friendliness and ergonomics of TOPKAPI Vision added William GENTIL.