Open Client

With this option, the user pays once (for the server), and benefits from intermittent local or remote access to their TOPKAPI supervision application from as many NETVIEW client stations as required.


NETVIEW is the client version of the TOPKAPI supervision software. It provides, from a station performing no acquisition or data processing, access to the TOPKAPI Vision applications, and ensures monitoring and control operations identically as from the main station, inclusive of graph trends and logs. Client/Server connection uses TCP-IP over the Internet, Intranet, Extranet, remote access services (RAS) via modem, etc., and consumes little bandwidth as it has been initially designed to run efficiently with 9600 bps modems.

In the OPEN CLIENT version, using a NETVIEW client is free of rights, the electronic protection hard key being no more required; installation is authorized on a limitless number of stations. Access rights are allocated in the form of a paying option to be added on the server, authorizing a lesser or higher number of concurrent connections.

Hence, the standby operators can each have direct and full access to supervision from their home or a laptop PC, production supervisors can interrogate freely the process status, etc., without a dedicated software license.

Operation in the TCP-IP network with a dedicated channel, as well as the integration of the Windows RAS services (Remote Access) enabling the adaptation to all modern communication architectures.


  • Identical to those in the traditional TOPKAPI client NETVIEW station (supervision view).
  • Connection limited to 4h per session per station (permanent connections: use a traditional NETVIEW client station with a dongle).
  • Number of concurrent connections authorized by the server restricted to 1, 2, 5 or 10, according to the option purchased for the server station.




All intermittent access stations:

  • Standby agent fixed or mobile stations
  • Viewing/command by the operating staff.
  • Log data retrieval and transfer.


  • INSTALLATION on n clients without dongle.
  • Max connection time adjustable between 0 and 4h, to prevent locking access by idle client stations remaining connected.
  • Access : any local or remote TCP-IP connection.
    • LAN.
    • RAS remote access via modem.
    • Remote access by entry point on the network: Internet / Intranet / Extranet.
    • The server must have a fixed address.
  • A client station can access several local or remote TOPKAPI servers concurrently, fitted with the OPEN CLIENT option.


  • The option is delivered with the TOPKAPI Vision Server software, either originally, or as an add-on
  • It is supplied with an installation CD ROM, for the unprotected client license: installation is possible on as many machines as required, without any limitation