AYSA Planta San Martin Control Room - Buenos Aires (Argentina)

AYSA (Agua Y Saneamientos Argentinas) is the company which manages water (treatment and distribution) and wastewater in Buenos Aires Metropolis for a user population of more than 8 million inhabitants. 
The video hereafter (in spanish) shows the control room of San Martin Plant which is equipped with Topkapi scada software.

0:43 : Presentation of the centralized conrol room of San Martin Plant for drinking water. San Martin,
          Belgrano and Juan Manuel de Rosas plants provides 24h services to Buenos Aires and its suburbs.
1:26 : Mimics enable to make a quick diagnosis of the different operations
2:19 : In case of alarms, procedures of remote diagnosis and remote control enable correct operation 
          of the process to ensure the service continuity for the drinking water distribution
2:55 : The control room enables to coordinate efficiently the different services to solve the problems

To know more about AYSA and its use of Topkapi :